John Painter

Sales Professional

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41 Albemarle 2006

Atlantic Beach, NC US


41 Albemarle 2002

Beaufort, NC US


40 Hinckley 2005

Atlantic Beach, NC US


37 Back Cove 2013

Beaufort, NC US


36 Outer Banks 2014

Morehead City, NC US


35 Jupiter 2003

Beaufort, NC US


34 Gemini 2010

Beaufort, NC US


34 Silverton 2006

Beaufort, NC US


31 Tiara 1987

Beaufort, NC US


26 Triton 2006

Atlantic Beach, NC US


John Painter grew up fishing the beautiful mountain lakes and streams of Charleston, West Virginia. In his youth, he began visiting coastal Carolina where the draw of ocean and saltwater fishing took hold. So much so, that in 1982 he moved to North Carolina and made a total commitment to the boating life with a career as a new and brokerage boat salesman in the Morehead City area.
From a life on the water and 20-plus years helping others enjoy the same, John prides himself as being somewhat of a technical expert on all aspects of boat construction and propulsion systems. John says the most rewarding aspect of working in the marine industry are all of  are the friendships he has made along the way, and being able to both work and live on the Crystal Coast with his wife Debbie, and daughters Blair and Bowe.
Representation Beyond Expectations
John is a consummate professional who was readily available and knowledgeable while being realistic yet optimistic. We think Bluewater is indeed fortunate to have someone with John's expertise and demeanor representing them. ...
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