OnBoard Magazine - Issue XI - Summer 2019

T he Sabre 66 took the yachting community by storm three years ago. Everything about the newest and biggest Sabre was amazing, from her eye-catching lines and superyacht-grade interior joinery to her use of high-strength composites and lightweight materials throughout. The 66 has been an absolute show stopper ever since. However, with the retirement of the 54, a gap was left between Sabre’s flagship 66 and their very popular 48 and 45 models. That gap is about to be filled with an all new sistership. Late in 2018, Sabre announced the brand new 58 to an excited dealer network and expansive customer base. Within a few months, the first ten hulls were already spoken for, placing this boat in a familiar production backlog before the first hull ever exited the mold. CUSTOMERS FIRST Before a new Sabre model takes shape and well before the mold is ever cast, Sabre engages their customers to learn more of what they enjoy most about their Sabre or what they would change or improve upon. This input becomes invaluable to the design team as they work on the most intricate details of the boat’s layout and amenities. As Bluewater’s Chris Hall, Jr. explains, “We were lucky enough to secure the first retail sale of the Sabre 58.” While the boat should deliver in Fall 2019, there have been no announcements on a major unveiling yet. “The boat show debut [for the 58] may be as early as Fort Lauderdale, but more likely Miami 2020,” Kevin Burns, VP of Design and Product Development told us. “Since we have several retail commitments for the 58 well ahead of production, our focus will be on serving our existing customers and making sure the model is everything we expect it to be, rather than on a boat show debut.” The outcome of this invaluable customer input resulted in some firsts for Sabre. The SABRE YACHTS ANSWERS DEMAND WITH THE NEW 58 F I T T I NG R IGHT I N BLUEWATER MAKE READY "We have been very lucky to spend quite a bit of time on the Sabre 66 Dirigo's (Dirigo is Latin for 'I lead' and is the Maine state motto). The Bluewater Yachting Center in Hampton is a perfectly distanced stopping point for refueling and docking overnight for these vessels heading south from the factory. The graceful lines and well thought out layout always impress no matter how many times I see one." - Chris Hall, Jr. 10 BLUEWATER