OnBoard Magazine - Issue XI - Summer 2019

N ow planing towards 35 years of boat building, Randy Ramsey and the team at Jarrett Bay have long hung their hats on the philosophy that “no owner’s request is too big, or too small.” Throughout the years, Jarrett Bay’s fleet of nearly 65 custom yachts (and over 100 boats total including their semi-production line) have been loaded with special appointments and innovative ideas. Look no further than the company’s most recently completed wood and composite masterpieces for proof that Jarrett Bay can routinely deliver what no other builder has attempted before. Chronologically, the last three boats to splash have been the Grander, Jaruco and Privateer . Each of these vessels is completely unique in some rather extreme ways while still possessing the ride, performance and craftsmanship that Jarrett Bay is renowned for. These boats’ wide range of sizes, configuration and styling best reflect their owners’ individual objectives and boating lifestyles. GRANDER PURSUITS The 46’ Grander is arguably the most eye- catching of the three yachts due to her unusually dark metallic color scheme and stark tower design. It’s an aggressive and exciting look, which also flies in the face of conventional thinking that boats (most often used in direct sunlight) should be finished in a light color. Jarrett Bay Construction Foreman RV Hodge indicated the owner went as far as to ask the construction team for input on the final colors he was considering. Hodge recounts, “He asked the guys to weigh in with the general intro of, ‘I want it to look mean like a PT boat.’” Mission accomplished. The Jarrett Bay construction teams are no stranger to working closely with their customers but that was surely a thrill for the workers to choose the final paint colors! Part of the process that goes into every custom Jarrett Bay is a full-size mock- up stage. Before arrangements in cabins, bridges or cockpits are finalized in the hull, the owner and crew typically pay several visits to the factory floor. Walls, cabinetry, consoles, fish boxes—everything—can be roughed in with temporary foam and reviewed by owner and crew. The distance, JARRETT BAY’S LAST THREE LAUNCHES PERFECTLY EMBODY THE COMPANY’S 'TRULY CUSTOM' ETHOS UNIQUELY CUSTOM G R A N D E R J A R U C O P R I V A T E E R # 61 # 62 # 63 by Jason Pim 12 BLUEWATER