OnBoard Magazine - Issue XI - Summer 2019

T he Bluewater team and management are always growth-focused and embracing change, but for 2019 we are also focusing on Building for the Future. Immediately some would think digital when they think about the future, but in fact we feel this is more about delivering the absolute best customer experience possible to our buyers and sellers. This is something that must be done throughout every stage of the buying and selling journey. For those that are new to the process, we are continuously releasing articles and information to help them learn about our brands, the sales cycle and boating in general. Behind the scenes, we have been working to streamline our processes and educate customers before they have questions. We want to anticipate questions and have the answers ready before they are asked. All of this comes in many forms including digital mediums like new blog topics, guides, and other communication as deals come together. Another big innovation at Bluewater that will help bolster our ever-improving customer experience is our new in-house financing and documentation services. Led by industry veterans who maintain unprecedented relationships with many lenders, this new team within Bluewater helps to provide a truly seamless process for our customers. Instead of having to go through multiple lenders and agents, they can do it all with the same Sales Assistant and Sales Professional that is handling the rest of the deal. In addition to the growth of our financial team, we have hired a lot of new sales talent this past year. While we will always value our industry veterans and sales leaders, it is good to see new faces who want to embrace the latest trends and technologies. We have also expanded our marketing team significantly with a dedicated events coordinator and additional in- house marketing team members who will provide support to our extensive marketing initiatives. Building our team would mean very little without continuing to maintain and grow our expertise and knowledge. We have pressed our sales team to further leverage technology while also providing training and dedicating significant time and resources to be on the leading edge of the industry. We realize that the marketplace is changing, and customers are shopping in ways that they didn't before. Instead of picking up a phone, they are researching online. This makes quality yacht listings even more important to both our sellers and buyers. More and more of our listings, both new and brokerage, are enjoying a full treatment of professional photography which includes video and 360° virtual tours. Looking back on our legacy of 50 years in the yachting business, we have learned and experienced so much. Through all our growth along the way, one thing is for certain: our journey is not over, and we will always strive to provide an unparalleled experience to every customer we contact throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Here’s to Building for the Future and to continue treating you like family as we have since 1968! FROM THE HELM 2 BLUEWATER