OnBoard Magazine - Issue XI - Summer 2019

A re you looking for a center console that can take you anywhere? A boat that is practical for the family, but equipped for serious fishing? A boat that is nimble enough to navigate the flats, but robust enough to venture offshore? Arguably, such a boat did not exist until now: Regulator Marine has just launched their latest innovation in the center console market—the unprecedented 26XO. The 26XO is the most recent addition to Regulator’s lineup of center consoles and can perform in bays, lakes and rivers, while also offering the stability to be taken offshore. Regulator used their long- time partnership with naval architect Lou Codega to develop a hybrid design that sports characteristics of both traditional “deep-v” center consoles and popular “bay boat” styles. Regulator President and co-founder Joan Maxwell spoke to its uniqueness, saying, “There is not anything that we can really compare this to on the market.” The 26 will be the first of an entire XO series, with more models being planned for the near future. “This launch marks our entry into a new category. Some call it a hybrid, some call it a crossover, we call it a Regulator,” added Maxwell. When comparing the 26XO to its deep-v cousins, this boat looks remarkably familiar. It still possesses distinct Regulator lines, riding angle, and finish; however, it is decisively different than any of its predecessors. The 17-degree deadrise is much shallower than the 24-degree deadrise of the traditional Regulator models, which allows for versatility in different boating conditions. When asked about Regulator’s inspiration for developing and launching the new XO series, Maxwell explained, “Our customers and fans have been asking for a Regulator that can take them into skinny waters but still go offshore, a boat that maintains our commitment to quality and sportfishing, but focuses more on the recreational aspects of boating and family time on the water.” FEATURE FOCUSED Bluewater Sales Professional Roger Mooney was one of the first to tour the demo boat. “My initial impression was that the 26XO is going to be a huge hit and has already proven to be one. The customers I spoke with at the Miami debut were blown away,” recounts Mooney. Its versatility THE NEW REGULATOR 26XO COVERS ALL THE BASES Uncharted Waters Introducing a Regulator that can take you onto the flats or venture offshore. X 24 BLUEWATER